Adobe Reader DC2019.008.20081

This program will prove useful to anyone who wants to read PDF documents on their computer

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Adobe Reader DC2019.008.20081
Adobe Reader XI 11.0.09

Adobe Reader is the official reader of PDF files and can print, share and edit documents.

The Portable Document Format developed by Adobe is an open format that allows for highly sophisticated and editable documents in a compact format. Adobe Reader is the official reading software for these files. It functions as a standalone application and also integrates with Internet Edge, Chrome, Firefox and many other web browsers for seamless viewing alongside other Web content.

One of the best things Adobe Reader has going for it is ease of use. The program is preconfigured to run automatically in appropriate scenarios, and it requires very little hands on or knowledge of the program. That’s not to say it isn’t sophisticated and doesn’t pack in a lot of features. It does, but the casual user who doesn’t care about those things can simply enjoy Adobe Reader as it operates in the background.

Adobe Reader goes beyond just being a reader, and this is true whether using the program standalone or embedded within a web browser. It offers a powerful suite of print tools that can print entire documents or page subsets to physical printers or other document printers. It also provides tools that let you highlight lines of text and annotate text and images with notes. You can zoom in and out, and if the PDF contains form elements, you can add data to them and have that data be persisted.

If you want to share a PDF, you can do that from within the document through email and other means using the Adobe SendNow service. If you’re willing to create a free Adobe account, you can also take advantage of a wide range of other online services from within the program and individual documents.

The program also has multiple reading modes, and you can choose the ideal mode for any particular PDF. The program will even remember your preferences locally. Adobe has also made great strides in terms of the user interface, and finding your way to the essentials is easier than heavier. Memory usage isn’t an area where Adobe has improved much, unfortunately. For most modern desktops and laptops, this doesn’t present much of a problem, but if you’re using a netbook, Windows tablet, or an older computer, the usage can lead to poor performance.


  • Ease of use
  • Multiple reading modes


  • Memory usage

Adobe Reader is a free downloadable program that sets the standard for viewing, commenting on, and printing PDF documents. It is available for use on desktops, laptops mobile devices. Adobe developed the portable document format in order to standardize file sharing across the Internet.

Documents that are opened within Adobe Reader are highly accurate and faithfully deliver high-quality color resolution. The program really shines when it comes to graphics. This is really one of the best PDF readers on the market.

People using the free Adobe Reader are able to fill in forms and sign documents with an electronic signature, as well as comment on and highlight passages. It is very easy to share documents such as ebooks or pamphlets created by users of Adobe's other products.

The professional look of documents within Adobe Reader enhances the positive message creators hope to convey. New enhancements to Adobe Reader allow word processing program users to convert the .doc files to .pdf before distribution.

Adobe Reader Pros

  • PDF files are easy to read and organize. The Adobe Reader is free to use and delivers fantastic output.
  • Users are not required to download expensive software to view products written as PDF files.
  • Ebooks and other professional documents look good and are easily shared within a group.

Adobe Reader Cons

  • Download times for PDF files are longer than other average file download times.
  • There are frequent updates from Adobe which require time and attention.

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