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Adobe Acrobat is the first and best free PDF reader for all your devices.

If you want an easy to use PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat is the app for you! While all PDF apps promise they're the best, Adobe actually delivers. From fast searches through larger documents to three separate view modes that accommodate most documents, you’ll have everything you need to read PDFs on your mobile device.

Often imitated but rarely duplicated, Adobe Acrobat is the easiest way to read magazines, books, white papers, comics and other media on your tablet and phone device. On some devices if you have an Adobe Account you’ll be able to sync your position in a document and always stay on the same page whenever you switch devices.

Another great feature is the built-in share function. You’ll be able to share paragraphs, sections, images, links and everything else in your documents with others in just a few taps. You’ll also have the ability to complete and digitally sign documents right from inside the app, helping you get more done when away from your desk.

It’s important to point out that the mobile version isn’t as powerful as the standard version, mainly due to meeting resource limitations on a wider range of devices. It can take a little while to load larger files, and you won’t be able to move the app to your SD card to save space. The app is also a little finicky about file names, so don’t be surprised if you have to change the name of files a few times before it accepts it.

Other than that, if you just want an app that lets you read PDFs and digitally sign the occasional document Adobe Acrobat is a great choice! If you need more advanced options like document editing or something geared more towards performance, snag a copy for your PC or Mac or try a professional PDF editor instead.


  • Fast and Easy to Use Reads most documents (50MB or smaller) fast and features an intuitive user interface.
  • Multiple View Modes Not all documents work in portrait mode! Choose from three separate viewing modes to read your documents the way they were meant to be read.
  • Share and Complete Documents You can share sections, images, whole documents and more from right within the app.


  • Mobile Version Not as Powerful as the Traditional Version This is more of a resource limitation, you can only push a tiny mobile processor so far.
  • Can’t Move App to SD Card Adobe Acrobat has to reside on your main storage device and can’t be moved to your SD card to save space.
  • Weird File Naming Structure Some special symbols may not be accepted, it can be a little arbitrary and frustrating to try and save your important documents.

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